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Little Forest Dwellers is an outdoor play-based childcare program.  Your child will spend the majority of their day exploring and playing in our purposefully designed natural outdoor play spaces. We use the Flight Framework to guide our practice. The playful learning experiences will be hands-on, outdoor based and child led. Your child will learn how to care for themselves, one another and the world around them. Your child's innate sense of wonder will be celebrated and encouraged and they will find support with all aspects of their emotional and physical well-being.  At Little Forest Dwellers we embrace free age mixing, so your child will be learning and playing alongside other children with an age range of 18 months to 5 years old.


Little Forest Dwellers was founded in 2016 by Annie Lougheed. After having her own little ones, Annie saw a need for more nature-based childcare and early learning programs and successfully started Little Forest Dwellers, a Forest-School inspired, Nature Dayhome in Bragg Creek, Alberta.  This expanded to the Little Forest Dwellers we know today.

As of early 2022, Little Forest Dwellers ownership was taken over by Dania El-Asmar. Dania is committed to upholding the philosophies Annie was passionate about, and is proud to keep Little Forest Dwellers a family run and family-centered program. You can read more about Dania in our "Meet The Team" section. 


We have a beautiful indoor building with plenty of outdoor natural green space to call our home.  It is conveniently located just off the Trans Canada Highway in Springbank (West of Calgary, Alberta) at 67 Commercial Court SW.


Now more than ever, we know that being outdoors contributes significantly to children's physical, mental and emotional growth. Early childhood education research shows that a natural joy and curiosity is nurtured when  we let the child lead with their individual interests. Below you will find a great resource describing the evidence supporting play-based learning.

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